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NCAA Sets New Draft Deadline Date

Prospects now have until August 3rd to make their draft decision

The NCAA has announced a new deadline for prospects to make their decision regarding the 2020 draft. Originally the date was slated to be June 3rd, but due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, it has been moved to August 3rd, or 10 days after the conclusion of the NBA draft depending on which date comes first. This effectively just pushes back the time period that teams have to scout players on the NBA side of things, but on the college side it will leave some schools entering the summer with uncertainty about their roster. In a statement by NCAA Senior Vice President for Basketball Dan Gavitt, he stated that flexibility for the players considering leaving their name in the draft:

“This provides the utmost flexibility to student-athletes testing the waters to make the most informed decision about their future during this uncertain time,” NCAA Senior Vice President for Basketball Dan Gavitt said. “And by deciding before classes start for the fall semester, it also encourages student-athletes who choose to return to school to be fully engaged in their academic pursuits and the tremendous experience and opportunity to play college basketball.”

Conventional wisdom would suggest that this extended time period will to more informed decisions considering the additional information the additional information that prospects could receive from teams. With that said there is uncertainty about when schools will open back up in the fall, which might see players jump into the professional ranks earlier than expected.

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