Updated 2020 Mock Draft

Breaking down the top five picks in the updated 2020 mock draft

1. James Wiseman Freshman 7’1″ 240 Center

Last 3 Games:

Wiseman has been sidelined due to a suspension from the NCAA but previous to the suspension he was immediately a force on the college level. This could be a year where the number one overall selection will largely depend on what team is in the position, and if the Warriors land the pick Wiseman would be a safe bet to fit well in San Francisco. His return date should give him plenty of time to make a positive impact on not only his draft stock but on a possible run by Memphis in the NCAA Tournament. 

2. Cole Anthony Freshman 6’3″ 170 Point Guard

Last 3 Games:

Anthony is an elite scorer and he has shown that in his short time at UNC, in addition to improving point guard skills that would make him a perfect fit for a franchise that has been searching for a long term point guard throughout recent history. If New York ends up selecting this high they would theoretically go with a point guard or a skilled big although the combo of Anthony Edwards and R.J. Barrett on the floor at the same time would be intriguing. Anthony is on the list of 5 or so players that have a chance to play their way into the top spot. 

3. Anthony Edwards Freshman 6’5″ 225 SG

Last 3 Games:

Edwards put on a show at the Maui Invitational scoring 37 against Michigan State and then hitting a game winning shot the following day against Chaminade. He is the total package with the ball in his hands being able to score off of the dribble, as a jump shooter, and setting up teammates. There are likely many more big games in his future considering that he has been the go to scorer for the Bulldogs so far this season, making him one of the most entertaining players to watch in the college game. Depending on which team is doing the picking he could go number one overall, and there are not many scenarios that would see him fall outside of the top five. 

4. Lamelo Ball 18 Yrs. Old 6’7″ 170 PG

Last 3 Games:

By far the hardest player to evaluate in the top tier prospects of the class, Ball has continued to improve in his first professional season. How efficiently he can shoot the ball has always the question with the point guard, and he struggled shooting as he started his time in Australia. When his shot is falling he is a nightmare cover for opposing guards, shown by his monster 32 point, 13 assist, 12 rebound performance against Cairns. His passing and rebounding ability are some of the best in the draft class, two things that he has had no trouble doing at the professional level overseas. 

5. Jaden Mcdaniels Freshman 6’9″ 200 PF

Last 3 Games:

Mcdaniels started the season as a potential number one overall selection type of talent, and for the most part he has shown why his ceiling is possibly as high as any player in the draft class. With his versatility being a big part of his game, it was a good sign to see him knock down 2 out of 3 three point attempts against San Diego which if he keeps it up will make him a huge mismatch going forward. He needs to rebound at a higher level and be more aggressive in attacking the basket, but Washington has talent that can somewhat limit his attempts on the offensive end. As long as he is productive the rest of the way while showing off the ability to play on the wing as well as score inside of the paint, then expect to hear his name called at least in the top ten on draft night. 

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