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James Wiseman To Sit 12 Games

Memphis freshman James Wiseman is suspended after a ruling from the NCAA

Memphis will get their star center James Wiseman back after the NCAA ruled he will be suspended for 12 games. This brings a conclusion to a situation that started with a rare situation involving head coach Penny Hardaway and Wiseman dating back to his high school days. Hardaway helped the Wiseman family move to the Memphis area before coaching him on the high school school which was considered a violation due to Hardaway being a donor to the school in the past. The argument from Memphis was that there was no way that Hardaway could have known he was going to become the Tigers head coach when he paid for the move, and has seemed to have helped get Wiseman back on the court this season.

Wiseman is considered a lock for a top five selection in this years draft and he could go as high as number one overall. He has been a star in three games as a freshman averaging 19.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, and 3 blocks in 23 minutes per game. His stock would not have fallen outside of the top ten had he continued to be ineligible for the entire season, but he now will have the chance to play his way to the top of the draft. Before he turns pro his return puts the Tigers back in the conversation as one of the most talented teams in college basketball, although this team will need time to mesh given how long Wiseman will be out.

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