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Military Athletes Now Allowed Waivers To Turn Professional

Military athletes allowed waivers to play professionally after graduation

Mark Espor who is the Defense Secretary signed a memo allowing military athletes to delay their military service in pursuit of a career in professional athletics. This has been a long standing back and forth between how each administration has viewed the issue, and there has been players in the past who have been able to go this route. The idea is that if a player goes on to have success at the professional level then that would positively effect the public view of those institutions.

The guidelines of the policy state that the players must at some point in the future fulfill their military service, or repay the full cost of their education, which came at taxpayers expense. Military academies do not recruit at a high level but if a prospect comes from a military family and they know they can still turn pro, it would be a somewhat more of a realistic option. Noah Song a pitcher from the Naval Academy was drafted by Boston in the fourth round of the 2019 baseball draft, so there is some debate as to how that should be handled going forward.

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