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NCAA Power Rankings

Ranking the top 25 teams in college basketball

The first week of college basketball saw the number one team in the country go down to Kentucky and the NCAA declaring possibly the best freshman in the country to be ineligible this season. Due to a judges order Memphis freshman James Wiseman can play while the program appeals the decision, but it would obviously be a big blow to the Tigers season if that does not go their way. It is still too early to have a strong hold on what each team brings to the table although Kentucky and Duke showed they can win a game against top competition despite both having a core of young players. These are our power rankings after the first week of college basketball:

1.  Kentucky

2. Duke

3. North Carolina

4. Louisville

5. Michigan State

6. Kansas

7. Gonzaga

8. Florida

9. Maryland

10. Memphis

11. Texas Tech

12. Virginia

13. Seton Hall

14. Villanova

15. Oregon

16. Ohio State

17. Utah State

18. Arizona

19. Washington

20. Florida State

21. Auburn

22. St. Mary’s

23. Xavier 

24. Providence

25. LSU

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