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Tuesday News and Notes

Breaking down the latest news around college basketball, recruiting, and the NBA

Wake Forest freshman Tariq Ingraham will be out for the season with an Achilles tear. The injury occurred in practice and while it is always tough for a freshman to go down for the season before ever playing a game, Wake Forest will be fighting this season to keep Danny Manning’s job so they need all of the help they can get. Ingraham was unranked by ESPN, Rivals had him as an unranked three star, and 247 Sports ranked him at #433 in the class of 2019.

The decision makers in the NCAA landscape are holding a meeting today to discuss the possibility of allowing players to profit from their name, likeness, etc. in what is the first formal meeting on the topic. There has been a push nationally to enact a similar law to the recently passed California legislation that allows college athletes to sign endorsement deals and autographs for money, as well as a cut in potential jersey sales and things of that nature. The NCAA is clearly hoping to get out in front of what could be a federal law that would apply to all 50 states, but either way allowing players to make money off of their own name and likeness is a step in the right direction no matter how we got there.

2020 guard Kadary Richmond has committed to Syracuse. Richmond is 6’5″ and listed as a shooting guard by most outlets and a combo guard by some, but we view him more as a point guard than anything else. Although he can play off of the ball and that is good to have versatility wise, he is at his best with the ball in his hands. His crossover is impressive, as his is ability to get to the rim to go with strong athleticism that allows him to finish above the rim. Shooting efficiency could be a question mark going forward but he has knocked down plenty of outside shots to allow his future coaches confidence in his shot. Richmond is ranked #96 by Rivals, #161 by 247 Sports, and #95 by ESPN.

2021 center Lawson Lovering will be heading to Colorado. Lovering is a 7’0″ center who has a thin frame at 210 pounds and a somewhat raw game at this point. Being that he is in the class of 2021 the center still has two more years of high school ball to not only get his weight up, but also focus on being more dominant on the offensive end. Seven footers do not grow on trees so anytime you can pick up an early commitment from a big man with size that can run the floor well, it should be viewed as solid until proven otherwise. He will have a chance to make his biggest impact on the defensive side of the floor with his length and shot blocking ability, and that should be on full display during the high school season. Lovering is an unranked three star by Rivals and 247 Sports, while ESPN does not have him ranked in the 2021 class.

While the game exhibition game between Michigan State and Albion College will not get many headlines, there is an interesting element to the match up. The Spartans star Cassius Winston has two younger brothers currently playing at Albion. Proving that there is no love on the court, when the Winston was asked about facing his younger brothers he said “I kind of want to embarrass them, but I hope it is all out of fun.”

Mark Williams, a four star recruit from the 2020 class will be announcing his college decision on Friday. Williams is ranked #38 on Rivals, #29 by 247 Sports, and ESPN has him at #30 overall. He is down to Duke, Michigan, and UCLA with Duke being considered the favorite at this point by most analysts.

Markieff Morris was fined $35,000 by the league for his conduct towards a referee. The NBA has been handing these fines out quite a bit to start the season, a clear sign that they are looking at the interaction between players and refs very closely. While this is ultimately a slap on the wrist, most fans would probably agree that the player/coach complaints after every call have become comical at times.


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