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Daulton Hommes Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Daulton Hommes

RS-Junior 6’8″ 215 Small Forward Point Loma (D II) DOB: 7/4/96
21.9 ppg 5.8 rpg 1.3 apg FG: 53.3% 3PT: 47%

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NBA Comparison: Doug Mcdermott

Strengths: Outside Shooting, Shot Creation, Natural Scorer

Weaknesses: Level of Competition, Speed/Quickness

Hommes missed much of his junior and senior seasons in high school after tearing his ACL, which led to little recruiting attention entering college. He elected to attend Western Washington where he put up solid numbers averaging 18.1 points per game in his sophomore season, before deciding to transfer to Point Loma Nazarene for his second stint at a division II school. Hommes continued his solid play as a junior and his only season with the Sea Lions, averaging just under 22 points per game, showing off an all around offensive game that put him on the NBA radar. He is a knock down shooter from the outside averaging 47.9% on three point attempts as a freshman, 44.6% as a sophomore, and 47% as a junior. The sample size is not very large with the most attempts being 5.6 as a junior, however those numbers suggest that he has the capability of being an elite outside shooter and if you have the other tools teams look for in a wing prospect, they will find you regardless of your playing location. He can come off of screens or create a shot, with his ability to either use a screen or find a seam to get open being the most pro ready aspect of his game going forward. Some fans that look at Hommes will wonder why his numbers are not bigger considering him being a Division II player, but when you consider the his usage and shot attempts, his analytics are strong from an offensive standpoint. He rebounded fairly well, but those numbers could have been improved, however he was used more as an offensive catalyst in his junior season with his role mainly being a scorer in his junior season. Overall his offensive game translates well to the next level with his ability to knock down outside shots at a high level, and to score in multiple ways in the mid range and around the basket. When you put this offensive skills together, you can see why despite playing for a Division II program, he is considered a possible late selection in the draft. 

The level of competition is the biggest concern with attempting to decipher how his game translates to the professional level. There are solid players on the Division II level, however the increase in talent at whatever level of the professional game that Hommes begins, will be a significant adjustment in many areas. All teams can do is watch his individual play and make their best assessment as to which parts of his game will work against better players, and no matter what conclusion scouts and executives come to about Hommes, they are taking a risk. He has good size at 6’8″ and being projected to play on the wing as a pro, and he did show the ability to score around the basket at Point Loma. This will become much more difficult going forward, and expect for Hommes to be used a a scorer with the ability to knock down shots from the outside and mid range, with sparingly getting his opportunities in the paint if he has a mismatch. Vertically he can get up to finish at the rim, but his speed and quickness could cause some issues as he enters the professional ranks. The speed of the NBA game is much faster than your average Division II game, and on top of that adjustment there will also be the fact that he will be facing players who are at the very least the same height, wingspan, etc. with many players having an advantage over Hommes at the small forward position in that regard. Overall how well he fits in as an athlete should not be a major concern to teams with his elite outside shooting ability, but this will be the biggest adjustment for him going from college to the professional game. He could struggle on defense with the elite athletes on the wing at the professional level, and he will need time to make this adjustment and some solid coaching to make this as easy of a transition as possible. 

Here are a couple of plays showing his offensive versatility:

This clip gives you an idea of his ability to finish at the rim:

Hommes is projected to go undrafted by most analysts, with a few projecting him to go late in the second round. His ceiling as a professional is role player receiving significant minutes while scoring the ball at an above average level. The worst case scenario for Hommes is that he is unable to score effectively enough to earn minutes on the NBA level, leading him to spend his career overseas or in the G League. 

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