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Brandon Randolph Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Brandon Randolph

Soph. 6’6″ 175 Shooting Guard Arizona DOB: 9/2/97
12.4 ppg 3.3 rpg 1 apg FG: 38.4% 3PT: 29.5%

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High School Recruiting Profile

Vertical Leap: 46.5″

NBA Comparison: Hamidou Diallo/Will Barton

Strengths: Athleticism, Shot Creation, Speed, Length

Weaknesses: Outside Shooting, Limited Production, Efficiency, Strength

Randolph only played 11 minutes per game as a freshman averaging 3.7 points, but in his sophomore season he was in a much bigger role averaging 12.4 points in 28.8 minutes per game. He is an elite athlete posting a a vertical leap of over 46″ at Arizona, which helps him on both ends of the floor. He can throw down a dunk or hang in the air around the basket when adjusting his shot, allowing him to score in the paint despite not being having great strength. In the open court is where Randolph can shine having a solid top end speed when leading the break to go with his ability to knock down shots off of a pass by a teammate. Shot creation is a strong aspect of his game, but when he does create his own shot or pull up off of the dribble it is usually inside of the three point line. With his abilities to create a shot using crossovers or step backs, teams would have liked him to create separation and knock down a three point shot more often. With that said he can drive to the basket with ease using good instincts as to what the defense is giving him, and his slashing abilities translate well to the next level. His leaping abilities and length allow him to play bigger than his listed height and finish around the basket against taller players, but it also gives him the physical tools necessary to be a solid defender at the professional level. The fact that he is a raw offensive prospect even with his strong physical abilities will deter some teams from taking a chance, but he can attack the basket better than many other draft hopefuls and he is only scratching the surface of what he could be as a scorer going forward. 

His outside shooting was suspect during his 2 years in college, shooting three point attempts at 32.6% as a freshman, and 29.5% as a sophomore. Randolph will need to become a more consistent three point shooter to have a chance at sticking in the league.  He did shoot 2 point jump shots better than from deep, and his mid range game will be useful at the professional level, but his overall shooting efficiency will need to go up. Mechanically there does not seem to be any major issues with his shooting motion, so it will be more about whether or not Randolph puts in the work and how fast his improvement as a shooter goes. Despite the jump from his freshman to his sophomore year, his production was still limited to a degree and some teams will not be sold on his overall scoring ability. His usage was not particularly high in college so for the teams that do like his potential they will see his future being more productive as he is put in a bigger role offensively. Weighing under 180 pounds and standing at 6’6″ will put him at a strength disadvantage as he enters the professional ranks and he will need to add weight in order to defend well on the wing as well as finish around the rim. As a slasher and scorer playing a guard position, his strength will not be viewed as a major concern, however if his frame does not easily add weight it could be an issue for his overall potential. He was solid in pick and roll situations and given that is an area he will no doubt be put in often as a pro, it helps his future projection that he has a good feel for the game with the ball in his hands. Overall his game translates well to the fast pace of the pro game, and as long as he improves his outside shooting along with being a solid defender he has a chance to make a roster or work his way up through the G League. 

This clip shows his athletic ability: 

Here is an example of when he was able to knock down an outside shot:

Randolph is projected to go undrafted, but there is a possibility he could get picked up late in the second round if there is a team that views him as a value pick. His ceiling as a professional is a starter level guard, possibly in a sixth man role, bringing above average scoring and high level athleticism from the wing. The worst case scenario for Randolph is that he is unable to shoot the ball effectively enough to earn minutes on the NBA level, leading him to play most of his career in the G League or overseas. 

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