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Rayjon Tucker Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Rayjon Tucker

Junior 6’5″ 210 Shooting Guard Little Rock DOB: 9/24/97
20.3 ppg 6.7 rpg 1.8 apg FG: 49.1% 3PT: 41.1%

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High School Recruiting Profile

NBA Comparison: Gerald Green/Tim Hardaway

Strengths: Athleticism, Outside Shooting, Rebounding, Speed/Quickness

Weaknesses: Turnovers, Lack of competition, Ball Handling

Tucker started his career at Florida Gulf Coast, coming off of the bench averaging 6.2 points as a freshman and 7.7 points per game as a sophomore. His athleticism is the first thing that you will notice watching his game, with Tucker having one of the best vertical leaping abilities of any player in the draft class. He is able to play much taller than his listed height due to his jumping ability as well as his length, and he has the ability to throw a dunk down at any point when driving to the basket. In the open floor he should fit in very well, both leading the break and sliding out to be set up by a teammate. While his top end speed is solid, he has good lateral quickness in the half court allowing him to get by defenders when driving to the basket. Tucker rebounds well for a guard his size averaging 6.7 rebounds per game as a junior. He exploded last season at Little Rock averaging 20.3 points per game as a junior, showing off an impressive all around offensive game that put him on the NBA radar. Not just an athlete, Tucker’s shooting numbers were solid as a junior and suggest that he could become a consistent shooter at the next level. He averaged 41.1% on three point attempts while taking 5.8 per game. These numbers are above average for the draft class, and he shot an efficient 55.8% from the field. His overall offensive game translates well to the professional level making some teams consider whether a late draft pick is worth with his potential going forward as a scorer.

Turnovers are one concern through his college years, and he made some questionable decisions with the ball in his hands. On the same page his ball handling can improve somewhat, but he made improvements from his Florida Gulf Coast days to his time at Little Rock. This should not be a major concern going forward and he showed at Little Rock that he can get to the basket off of the dribble. It is because of his improvement in the ball handling aspect of the game that he was able to play as the lead guard in the Little Rock offense. This ability to possibly give a team minutes bringing the ball up the floor and looking to pass as well as score, it gives him a much higher ceiling than as a pure scorer. There are always concerns when a draft prospect is coming out of a small conference with how well they will be able to handle the increased talent level in the league. His original plan was to transfer to Memphis as a graduate transfer which would have given scouts a chance to watch him against better talent, however with his decision to stay in the draft that is now still a question mark. He is a high level athlete so he should have no problem excelling in those areas of the game, but how well he can score against professionals is a hard projection. As a defender there will need to be some work, but he averaged over a steal per game as a junior and he has the physical tools necessary to defend at the next level. With his efficient shooting and athletic abilities he is one of the more intriguing prospects of the draft class. 

These two plays show off his athleticism:

Tucker is projected to go undrafted by most analysts, however there is a chance he gets picked up late in the second round if a team wants to take a chance on his potential. His ceiling as professional is a solid role player, possibly coming off of the bench in a sixth man type of role, bringing dynamic play making and scoring abilities from the shooting guard position. The worst case scenario for Tucker is that he is unable to score at an effectively enough level to get a chance in the league or to earn minutes after getting his shot at the NBA, leading him to spend most of his career overseas or in the G League. 

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