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D’Marcus Simonds Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of D’Marcus Simonds

Junior 6’3″ 195 Point Guard Georgia St. DOB: 10/20/97
18.4 ppg 5 rpg 3.6 apg FG: 41.3% 3PT: 28.2%

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High School Recruiting Profile

NBA Comparison: Kris Dunn/Dennis Smith Jr.

Strengths: Speed/Quickness, Athleticism, Shot Creation

Weaknesses: Outside Shooting, Turnovers, Efficiency, Lack of competition

Simonds put up big numbers as a sophomore averaging 21.2 points per game, and then 18.4 points as a junior. He is an elite athlete having great speed in the open court, being able to take it coast to coast faster than many of his peers. His lateral quickness allows him to get by a defender when attacking the basket, and he has the vertical leap necessary to finish above the rim. Leading the fast break is one of his strongest attributes, and it is an area that he should be able to fit in with no issues at the professional level. He was able to create a shot with ease at the college level using step backs, crossovers and multiple other moves which should all be effective at the next level. He is effective in pick and rolls getting by bigger defenders and using a move to shoot over smaller guards. Simonds can improve on his decision making of when to pass to a rolling teammate after the pick, but he has skills in this area of the game which are more important than ever before in the NBA. The highlight dunks are fun to watch, but with his athleticism it also allows him to finish against bigger players and hang in the air adjusting his shot around the basket. He has a very good feel for the angles of game when driving to the basket, using that skill along with his quickness to be a tough cover for opposing guards to stay in front of. Coming into the season he was viewed as a mid major player that could potentially play his way into the first round of the draft, and at the very least go in the second round. While he failed to live up to that hype with the decrease in production from his sophomore to his junior season, the reasons that many believed he could get his stock that high still apply for the most part. Being a high level athlete with the ability to create shots and get up and down the court quickly, there are still teams that are intrigued with his potential. 

The biggest question mark in his game is outside shooting, and he did not do much to help his projection in that area after shooting 28.2% on three point attempts as a junior. If he wants to reach his ceiling as a professional he will need to improve as a shooter and he has solid mechanics in his shot which just need to become more consistent. At times Simonds can play too fast and make some bad decisions with the ball in his hands, and he had high turnover numbers with 3.6 as a sophomore and 3.7 as a junior. As a free throw shooter he has struggled shooting it at 66% from the line as a junior, an area he will need to improve in this area. When you put together his poor shooting numbers and the turnovers, his overall efficiency needs to get better going forward. Playing in the Sun Belt conference is nowhere close to the level of talent you face at even the G League or overseas so there will definitely be an adjust with the increase in talent on the opposing teams. His athletic ability will allow him to compete in the areas requiring agility and leaping, but how well he is able to improve his shooting skills is going to play a major factor into whether or not he can be effective. There have been signs that he can pass the ball with some highlight plays, but his assist numbers were not great, especially when you consider the level of competition. Simonds averaged 4.4 assists per game as a sophomore, and 3.6 in his junior season showing that while he can set up teammates he needs to become a more effective passer to reach his potential as a professional. With that said as the players around him on the floor will be better than at the college level it should mean better numbers as a passer. As a defender he has the physical tools necessary to be a solid perimeter defender and he was a menace on the wing at the college level collecting a good amount of steals as well as being able to turn defense into offense. 

Here is a story that was filmed about Simonds:

This slowed down video gives you a good look at his shooting motion:

Simonds is projected to go undrafted, and he will most likely be picked up as an undrafted free agent before the summer league, however he has the potential that could lead to a team late in the second round taking a flyer on the junior. His ceiling as a professional is a starter level player, possibly one of the first players off of the bench, bringing a high level of play making and above average scoring. The worst case scenario for Simonds is that he is unable to score efficiently enough or pass the ball well enough to earn minutes at the NBA level should he get the chance, leading to him spending his professional career in the G League or overseas. 

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