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Joshua Obiesie Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Joshua Obiesie

Germany 6’6″ 190 PG/SG S. Oliver Baskets DOB: 5/23/00
6.9 ppg 2.4 rpg 1.5 apg FG: 44.6% 3 PT: 30%

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Wingspan: 6’6″

NBA Comparison: Evan Turner/Dante Exum

Strengths: Shot Creation, Driving to the basket, Natural Scorer

Weaknesses: Efficiency, Length, Limited Production, Strength

Obiesie is a combo guard with good size, who has a natural ability to score the basketball. He is able to be create a shot off of the dribble, and he drives to the basket well. Once he gets by a defender he can finish around the basket, and Obiesie did have some highlight dunks when contested at the rim. His skill set suggest that he will be able able to play both the point guard and the shooting guard position, but most of his experience is playing on the wing. Coaching will be needed if he is going to be turned into a full time point guard but even if that does not happen he can play off of the ball and playing at both positions allows an easier path to earning minutes. In the mid range he has been productive, pulling while driving to the basket or backing down a smaller defender. Averaging 6.9 points in 15.9 minutes per game was impressive as an 18 year old, giving teams plenty of hope that he has a lot of room to grow as a player. In fast break situations he has been a problem for opposing teams both pulling up for a jump shot and driving to the basket finishing at the rim. With the open court and speed in the modern NBA game, he should not have a problem fitting in as a the game will get much faster than the basketball he has been used to. Obiesie needs to add some bulk to be able to handle the strength of much older players, and weighing 190 pounds will put him on the smaller side if he is asked to play off of the ball or guard shooting guards. 

As a defender who can guard multiple positions he translates well to the next level, but quick and small guards could give him some trouble. His outside shooting numbers were up and down and he is still working on becoming a consistent shooter. His release and mechanics are solid so he should be able to improve in this area, however his 30% from the three point line this season and 23.5% last season is a concern. While he won’t be the best athlete on a roster, his athleticism is more than adequate to be able to finish at the rim given his size. Despite the potential being show in his young career, he did not receive significant minutes which limited his production and that is always a concern when projecting how their game will develop. There is no way to know for sure, but there are many teams that are at the very least intrigued with the player he could become. He does have good size for a guard, but his wingspan at just 6’6″ is not what teams want to see from a 6’6″ tall player, and there will definitely be teams that think this will hurt his defensive future. If he can become a knock down shooter from the outside, and find a role in either guard position, he can become a productive professional. There is a concern that he will struggle against increased competition given that his best stats have come against less talented players, but nonetheless there are questions with any young European prospects in this area. One other concern is that he did not get many minutes or play well in the Nike Hoop Summit against many future pros, and he struggled in the practice sessions as well.


This is an example of his ability to get to the basket and finish:

Here is a tough three point shot he created with a pump fake:

Obiesie is a potential late second round pick but he could also go undrafted, although there is also the option that he will opt to pull his name out of the draft and continue to play overseas for another season. His ceiling as a professional is a back up guard receiving significant minutes, providing solid perimeter defense and at times a scoring punch. The worst case scenario for Obiesie is that he is unable to score effectively with the increased talent level in the NBA being unable to find a role on a roster, leading him to head back overseas after getting his chance to stick in the league. 

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