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Charles Matthews Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Charles Matthews

Senior 6’6″ 205 Shooting Guard Michigan DOB: 11/15/96
12.2 ppg 5 rpg 1.4 apg FG: 43.1% 3 PT: 29.9%

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Recruiting Profile

Wingspan: 6’9″ 

Vertical Leap: 42″

NBA Comparison: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope/Terrence Ross

Strengths: Shot Creation, Perimeter Defense, Athleticism

Weaknesses: Efficiency, Limited Production, Age 

After starting his career at Kentucky where Matthews where Matthews played 10 minutes per game as a freshman, he found his way to Michigan where he was able to become a starter for the past two seasons. He is able to create a shot off of the dribble or coming around a screen, and he will need to do both well to be able to make it as a professional. His 42″ inch vertical leap that was recorded at Michigan shows that he is an elite athlete that would be able to immediately compete in that area of the game. With his length and athleticism he was able to be a lock down defender on the perimeter. This aspect of his game is the most intriguing to scouts, as the league is always looking for athletic wings that can be play high level defense while improving on their offensive game. 

Age is always a concern with 4th year player, especially with Matthews never putting up major numbers in college. He has shown flashes, and Michigan had talent on the roster limiting shot opportunities, but he needed to put up better numbers on the offensive end to lock up being a draft pick. His outside shot is a work in progress, and that is something that will need to improve if wants to become a successful pro. He shot three point attempts at 31.8% in his second year, and 29.9% this past season. Despite being able to create shots, his ability to knock those shots down will be essential going forward. Matthews was able to rebound well for a guard, averaging over 5 per game in the last two seasons, and if he can continue to defend on the perimeter and rebound he could find a role as a “3 and D” type of player.

Here is an example of his athletic ability:

This was a big shot he hit to win the game against Minnesota:

Matthews is projected to be selected in the late second round, or to go undrafted. His ceiling as a professional is a solid player coming off of the bench, possibly in a sixth or seventh man role, being able to provide top level defense on the perimeter and scoring ability. The worst case scenario for Matthews is that he is unable to score at a level high enough to earn minutes, leading him to play his professional basketball overseas or in the G League. 

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