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Sekou Doumbouya Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Sekou Doumbouya

6’9″ 205 Small Forward Limoges CSP DOB: 12/23/00 FT: 76.5%
6.5 ppg 2.9 rpg 0.7 spg FG: 47.7% 3 PT: 29.9%

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Wingspan: 6’11” 

NBA Comparison: Pascal Siakam/Nicolas Batum

Strengths: Athleticism, Agility, Perimeter Defense

Weaknesses: Outside Shooting, Lack of Production, Strength

Doumbouya has been a professional since the age of 15, signing with Poiters Basket 86 in a second tier French league. There were signs that his game had promise, especially when you consider that he has only been playing basketball since he was 12, getting a late introduction to the game after focusing on soccer previous to that point. After signing with Limoges CSP, which competes in the top basketball league in France, the small forward continued to show that his game has enough potential that he deserves a shot to play at the highest levels of basketball. His athleticism is top notch, being able to throw down highlight dunks, or hang in the air to get his shot off with ease. Not only a solid jumper, his movement as far as his quickness and mobility are guard-like, allowing his physical abilities to translate very well to the NBA game. On the fast break is where this is most evident, where he has been able to use his athleticism and length to finish around the basket, or slide out and hit a jump shot. Due to his athletic talents, his game projects well to the defensive side of the floor, and if he is to stick in the league he will need to become a high level perimeter defender against the best players in the world. Possessing all of the physical tools that teams look for in young talent with his size, speed, and athleticism, there are many teams that are intrigued with the player he can become a few years out. 

His outside shooting needs work, as with most young players that have been able to produce using their athletic abilities. As the level of athlete will be much better in the NBA than in the French pro leagues, he will need to become a more consistent shooter to be an effective offensive player. There were flashes of what he can do shooting ball but the percentages were not great, shooting three pointers at 29.9% this past season, although it is a small sample size with Doumbouya attempting just over 2 deep balls per game with Limoges. Some have questioned how high his arc has gotten over the years on his shot which can lead to inconsistency, and while this is something he will need to work on, it shouldn’t been seen a major issue as long as he puts in the work. He will need to add strength over the next couple of seasons to be able to better finish around the basket and help on defense, although his frame suggests that he will be able to do so. The knock on most young players coming out of Europe is their lack of production, but when you consider that many prospects at this age do not receive major minutes at the professional level, it should be viewed as giving us signs into his overall potential production. For the season he averaged 6.5 points per game to go with 2.9 rebounds in 17 minutes on the floor and surely those numbers would have been higher with increased playing time. 

This play gives you an idea of his ability to knock down an outside jump shot:

Here is an example of his athleticism when driving to the basket:

Doumbouya is viewed as a lock to go in the first round, and some have projected him to go as high as the top ten. His ceiling as a professional is a starter level wing, possibly making an all star team, scoring at an above average rate and providing elite defense on the perimeter. The worst case scenario for Doumbouya is that he fails to adjust to the increased talent level leading to him coming off of the bench and playing limited minutes, while he attempts to find a role in the league.

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