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Matt Morgan Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Matt Morgan

Senior 6’2″ 174 Point Guard Cornell DOB: 11/7/97
22.2 ppg 4.5 rpg 3 apg FG: 51.3% 3 PT: 43.1%

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Recruiting Profile

NBA Comparison: Jaylen Adams/Devonte Graham

Strengths: Athleticism, Outside Shooting, Quickness, Shot Creation

Weaknesses: Point Guard Skills, Size, Lack of Competition

Morgan like most players in the IVY League other than Miye Oni has not gotten a ton of publicity at the national level. That’s a shame because he has been one of the best scorers in college basketball over the last four years. As a freshman he averaged 18.9 points, 18.1 as a sophomore, 22.5 as a junior, and 22.2 as a senior. The numbers show that he has been a dominant offensive player from the start of his college career. Much of his offensive game comes from being able to create his own shot, which he does very well in a variety of ways. His quickness allows him to get by a defender or use a crossover to set up a jump shot, and this aspect of his game translates well to the professional level. The most impressive part of his college numbers are that he put up a high level of production, while not needing many shots to get to this numbers. His efficiency improved from his junior to senior season, finishing the season shooting it 51.3% from the field, and 43.1% on three point attempts. As long as he is able to create his shot like he did in college, with his ability to knock down jumpers, he has the potential to score at any level. 

His skills as a point guard will need some work, but that was somewhat caused by the fact he played off of the ball at times, and he was needed as a scorer much more than a distributor for Cornell. The signs are there that he can set up his teammates, and if he is going to get a chance to stick in the league, how well he can play as the lead guard will be a significant factor. Morgan will be on the smaller side of the guards available in this years draft which hurts his stock, and it could be difficult to guard much taller players or get his shot off in the same way he has in college. Anytime a player is coming out of the IVY League there is going to be questions on whether or not he will be able to handle the increased level of talent at the professional level. Morgan helped him self at the Portsmouth Invitational against other potential draft picks, where he averaged 10.6 points and 4.7 rebounds while showing off some impressive play making. He also scored 26 against Syracuse as a senior, and 22 against Wake Forest, showing that he can score against a team that has high level talent.

This play shows his ability shoot the three:

Here is an example of how he can use his athleticism to make a play on defense:

Morgan could go in the later parts of the second round, but it is also likely that he will go undrafted. Despite putting up solid numbers, it was against inferior competition and he was mainly used as a scorer leading some scouts to question his point guard skills. His ceiling as a professional is a back up guard, possibly in a sixth or seventh man type of role, that can come in and run an offense while putting up solid offensive numbers. The worst case scenario for Morgan is that he is unable to find a place in the league after receiving a shot to make a roster, ultimately ending up in the G League or overseas. 

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