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Goga Bitadze Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Goga Bitadze

6’11” 250 PF/C Budućnost VOLI DOB: 7/20/1999 3PT: 38.3%
13.4 ppg 6.1 rpg 1.91 bpg FG: 58.8% FT: 66.8%

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Wingspan: 7’2″

NBA Comparison: Moritz Wagner/Frank Kaminsky

Strengths: Versatility, Inside Scoring, Rim Protection

Weaknesses: Explosiveness, Ball Handling

Bitadze has been playing professionally since he was 16 years, racking up plenty of experience against much older players. This past season playing for two different clubs, he showed off an impressive skill set and potential to play in America. He has the ability to score around the basket in multiple ways, and his post moves are solid. In fast break situations he fits in perfectly, being able to both run the floor and finish at the rim. His top end speed and lateral movement is good for a player his size, although that is the case with many players at the next level. On the defensive side of the ball he is a solid shot blocker, being able to use his 7’2″ wingspan to average close to 2 blocks per game in the past season. Despite the fact that he has shown versatility in being able to shoot the ball from the mid range and outside, it is a small sample size when you consider the number of shots he puts up from those distances. Whether or not he is able to stick in the league will somewhat depend on his adjustment to playing in more a stretch big man role than he has previously played. This should be a role that he can grow into, however there is never a guarantee a player can become an effective shooter at the NBA level. 

His explosiveness and vertical ability would be below many of his peers, but there are many examples of skilled big men like Bitadze finding roles in the league. He is more than tall and long enough to finish at the rim but the increased competition level could give him trouble with that going forward, and he may have issues against guarding more athletic power forwards/centers. While ball handling is not a major part of most power forwards or centers, it is something that Bitadze struggles with. If he were to become more of a threat to put the ball on the floor it would make him much more of a threat and allow him more open shots. At his age, against Euroleague competition, the numbers that he has put up are very impressive. As long as he continues to improve on his shot and offensive skill set, he has the potential to be an impact player if he finds the right role on a team. 

This play shows his ability to finish at the rim:

Here is an example of his potential as a shooter:

Bitadze is a projected late first to early second round pick. Teams like his potential going forward, but it would be a surprise to see him go in the lottery. His ceiling as a professional is a starter level big man, playing solid interior defense and putting up above average scoring numbers for the position. The worst case scenario for Bitadze is that he is unable to deal with the improved level of talent at the NBA level and struggles in stretch big man role, causing him to head back overseas after receiving his chance to stick in the league.  

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