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Adam Mokoka Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Adam Mokoka

6’5″ 195 PG/SG Mega Bemax DOB: 7/18/1998 MPG: 27.4
10.2 ppg 3.5 rpg 3.3 apg FG: 36.5% 3 PT: 30.5%

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Wingspan: 6’10”

NBA Comparison: Emmanuel Mudiay

Strengths: Length, Passing, Athleticism, Perimeter Defense

Weaknesses: Outside Shooting, Efficiency

Mokoka has been on the NBA radar for the last couple of seasons and he might of been drafted if he entered the draft last season, but he elected to wait until the 2019 draft. He has played both the point guard and the shooting guard positions, and if he can play point guard his size at 6’5″ will be intriguing to teams. His vertical is solid, and he has the speed and quickness to get by defenders or lead a fast break. The numbers that he put up at his age for Mega Bemax in 27.4 minutes were impressive when you consider his age and it is against professional competition. The potential he has as a defender might be the most intriguing aspect of his game to teams, and he could become a lock down defender as a professional. He is able to use his length to get steals and block shots, while his quickness allows him to prevent defenders from getting to the basket. When he is playing the point guard position he has shown that can set up teammates, and should he play that position at the next level he can put up solid numbers assists wise. 

The outside shooting numbers that he put up leave a lot to be desired, and this will be one of the most important aspects of his game when it comes to sticking in the league. It is an area that he will be able to improve in with work, but some players are never able to become efficient enough as a shooter. His position fit will play a role, meaning if he is playing shooting guard going forward his outside shot will become immensely important, and if he plays point guard then he can earn minutes in other ways much easier. His abilities as a defender and his athleticism are a good base, and if he continues to improve as a scorer he will be given a shot to stay in the NBA. 

This play gives you an idea of his athleticism:

Here is an example of his ability to set up teammates:

Mokoka is viewed as a potential second round pick, but he could also go undrafted. If he is to be selected it will likely be in the back half of the second round, with a team that already either already has an established point guard allowing them to groom Mokoka, or a team that is willing to take a flyer that he can play at the highest level. His ceiling as a professional is a solid contributor to a team, receiving significant minutes although possibly coming off of the bench, providing play making and strong perimeter defense. The worst case scenario for Mokoka is that he is unable to contribute on the offensive end of the floor enough to be a mainstay in the league, causing him to head back overseas to play the majority of his professional years. 

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