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Luguentz Dort Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Luguentz Dort

Freshman 6’4″ 215 Shooting Guard Arizona St. 20 Yrs. Old
16.1 ppg 4.3 rpg 2.3 apg FG: 40.5% 3 PT: 30.7%

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Recruiting Profile

Wingspan: 6’8.5″

NBA Comparison: Wesley Matthews/Sindarius Thornwell

Strengths: Perimeter Defense, Strength, Shot Creation, Length

Weaknesses: Size, Turnovers, Shooting Efficiency

Dort has said himself that he did not expect to be a one and done player in college, but that he played better than anticipated and is now “all in” on the draft this year. Known as a defender first and foremost, his skills guarding on the perimeter were impressive as a freshman, being able to use his length to disrupt. On the offensive side of the floor he is able to create his own shot off of the dribble and come off of screens. He can use his strength to get inside and has a crafty game when finishing around the basket, but there is no guarantee he can do that as the professional level. Despite not being a great shooter he averaged 16.1 points as a freshman in a major conference, which is no easy task. A major part of his production comes from being able to draw fouls and get to the free throw line, something that he did over 6 times per game, shooting it at 70%. His all around ability to create shots and free throw opportunities are attributes that could translate to the next level, but there will be an adjustment with the increased competition. You can make a lot of money in the NBA in a “3 and D” role which is certainly one that Dort could possibly fill for a team. His shooting mechanics are solid, but his arch is higher than the average shot, and some thing that might be adjusted in the future. He is quick with the ball and has solid handling skills, being able to use crossovers, step backs, and euro steps. In the fast break he is hard to handle because of his strength and agility, which is an area of his game where it translates well to the next level. 

His size as a shooting guard would be in the lower range of NBA players, which is always a concern when you are projecting a prospects chances of replicating their college success at the highest level. Dort’s wingspan will allow him to play much bigger than his listed height, leading some teams to not buy into the concern about his size. While he is not the best jumper in the draft class, his athleticism is solid when you consider his length. There is no doubt he can drive to the basket and get fouled, but whether or not he will be able to get his shot off in the same way he did in college is a question mark. Another concern is that although he can create a shot with ease, he did not shoot the ball well as a whole in his freshman year. There were stretches where he had it going from the outside, but that didn’t last, and ultimately his stats were average as a jump shooter. His percentage at the line is promising to a degree, and the glimpses he showed of his shooting ability will do the same for teams looking into drafting Dort. There were some impressive games like his 33 point effort against Utah State, or his 24 points against Nevada. Teams are intrigued with his ability to be a high level defender on the wing, and if he rebounds well for a guard those skills could earn him minutes as he becomes more consistent with his jump shot. 

These two plays show his ability to finish strong at the rim:

As far as his draft stock, Dort is seen as a second round pick, with some projecting him to go in the late first round. There are legitimate question marks with his game, but as a freshman teams will overlook that in the belief that he has much more room to grow. Because of both his production and the holes in his game, he could go anywhere from the late first round to the back end of the second round. Dort’s ceiling as a professional is a starter level wing, possibly in a sixth man role coming off the bench. The worst case scenario would be that he is unable to shoot the ball efficiently, or defend much bigger players on the wing, leading him to not last in the league after getting his shot. 

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