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Kyle Guy Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Kyle Guy

Junior 6’2″ 175 Shooting Guard Virginia 21 Yrs. Old
15.4 ppg 4.5 rpg 2.1 apg FG: 44.9% 3 PT: 42.6%

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Recruiting Profile

Wingspan: 6’5″

NBA Comparison: Seth Curry

Strengths: Natural Scorer, Outside Shooting, Efficiency 

Weaknesses: Athleticism, Size, Point Guard Skills

Guy came into college as a top 50 high school recruit, and after playing in a back up role as a freshman he put up two solid seasons as a sophomore and a junior. His sophomore year he averaged 14.1 points per game and then 15.4 as a junior, showing that he can score against the best of the best in the ACC and the NCAA tournament. He has been scoring at a high level dating back to his AAU and high school days, with the ability to shoot the basketball with efficiency. As a freshman he shot it at 49.5% on three point attempts, then 39.2% as a sophomore and 42.6% as a junior. It is a good sign that as his usage increased each season, he maintained shooting the ball at a high level and displayed solid shot selection. Playing in an offense that places emphasis on efficiency and smart play making at Virginia means that he could be more effective with a larger green light on shots, in whatever league he begins his professional career. Guy primarily has been playing off of the ball and either catches and shoots, or comes off a screen, doing both very well and he has shown the ability to create his shot when needed. His mechanics are solid on his shot, and his release is quick enough to get it off against bigger player, which he will need going forward. He is not afraid to take a big shot, wanting the ball at the end of the game or in a free throw situation which he has shot at over 80% the past two seasons. 

Most likely he is going to struggle on the defensive end at the professional level. Guy could be too small to effectively defend the bigger shooting guards, and the speed/quickness of point guards at most levels of the professional game is increased when compared to college.  His wingspan should help in this regard, but his athleticism as a whole is below most of his peers, meaning it might be difficult for him to find a role if he is a liability on the defense end. As a junior he rebounded the ball well for a guard, showing that he has the ability to use his will and get 50/50 balls against more athletic players. If Guy is going to stick as a professional he will need to improve his passing and point guard skills. It will be tough for a player that has been existing in a score first mentality since high school because he is so effective as a scorer, but if he can play the point guard position even in limited minutes, it gives a coach another way to put Guy on the floor. Despite his size and athleticism, he put up solid and efficient numbers against the best competition that college basketball has to offer, and that will not be overlooked by teams as they are evaluating his game.

Plays like this stepback and pump fake leading to a jump shot allow him to get his shot off:

Projected to go undrafted, he has decided to stay in the draft so either the feedback he received was overwhelmingly positive, or he came to the conclusion that after winning the national championship it is time to try and make it as a pro. It is possible that a team picks him up late in the second round, but unlikely from everything that we have heard. His ceiling as a professional is in a back up role coming off of the bench who can put up points, spending time at both guard positions. The worst case scenario for Guy is that even if he gets a shot in the NBA he is unable to score or defend at an efficient level, leading him to spend his professional career overseas or in the G League. 

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