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CJ Massinburg Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of CJ Massinburg

Senior 6’3″ 194 Shooting Guard Buffalo 22 Yrs. Old
18.2 ppg 6.5 rpg 3 apg FG: 46.3% 3 PT: 39.9%

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NBA Comparison: Troy Daniels/John Jenkins

Strengths: Outside Shooting, Natural Scorer, Rebounding

Weaknesses: Size, Lack of explosiveness, Lack of competition

Massinburg was a part of a group of seniors that were responsible for taking Buffalo basketball to new heights under both Bobby Hurley and Nate Oats. His play has been solid since he stepped on to campus averaging 11.3 points per game as a freshman, 14.5 as a sophomore, 17 as a junior, and 18.2 as a senior. The improvement was impressive as he became an all around scorer, and as his usage increased he did not see the standard drop in efficiency. He can take the defender off of the dribble and has the ability to either pull up for a jumper or finish around the basket. As a shooter he was effective, shooting it well for three seasons with only one down year as a sophomore. His field goal, three point, and free throw percentages would leave to believe that he will be able to shoot the basketball with efficiency at whatever level of the professional game he ends up joining. Massinburg rebounds well for a guard averaging 7.3 per game as a junior, and 6.5 as a senior. 

His size at 6’3″ is a concern considering he has been playing as a shooting guard the majority of the time. There is a precedent that players can get minutes with not possessing good size at the position, but there are few stars under 6’6″ or 6’5″ playing the two, outside of a few examples like CJ Mccollum. If he is able to score in the way that he did in college, he will get his shot to find a role on a team, but it could be a difficult transition. Massinburg is not a great jumper, which will cause him trouble finishing around the basket, and there is no guarantee he will be able to get past defenders at the same rate he did in college. It is concerning that he did not put up bigger numbers than he did when you take into account the lack of competition he faced compared to a high major prospect. With that said, Buffalo did have solid talent throughout their roster that somewhat limited his potential production. As far as when he did go up against the larger schools he scored 43 against West Virginia, 25 against Syracuse, 18 against Arizona State, and 14 against Texas Tech as a senior. As a junior he scored 29 against Cincinnati, 14 against Syracuse, 20 against Texas A&M, 19 against Arizona, and 18 against Kentucky. When you take a look at those games as a whole, he played well when facing high majors. 

Here is a big shot he hit in Buffalo’s win at West Virginia:

This clip shows his ability to drive in the lane at the Portsmouth Invitational:

Massinburg is viewed as a possible second round pick, but it is also likely that he goes undrafted. His lack of size for a shooting guard could cause teams to pass and see if he can play well in the summer league as an free agent. The ceiling for Massinburg as a professional would be a back up guard that can come in the game and put up points, possibly in a sixth or seventh man type of role. The worst case scenario would be that he goes he struggles to score with the increased level of talent, and is unable to make or stick on a roster leading him to play his basketball outside of the NBA. 

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