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Aric Holman Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Aric Holman

Senior 6’10” 225 Power Forward Miss. State 21 Yrs. Old
9.5 ppg 6.2 rpg 1.6 bpg FG: 47.3% 3 PT: 42.9%

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Wingspan: 7’2″

NBA Comparison: Channing Fyre

Strengths: Jump shot, Range, Length

Weaknesses: Lack of production, Durability, Strength

Holman’s numbers don’t jump off of the page, but his efficiency at the power forward position playing in the stretch four role is what has him on the NBA radar. Holman shot the three at over 40% in the past two seasons, attempting 3.1 per game as a senior. His ability to come roll off of a screen and hit a jump shot, is something that projects very well the next level. He is able to use his quickness to get by slower defenders, and his ability to face up and make a move towards the basket or pull up is solid. Blocking shots is something that he does well being able to use his to use his length, and his athleticism is more than adequate. Players that are 6’10” and can shoot an outside shot as well as Holman are not very common coming out of college, which will have teams very interested in Holman as a draft pick. 

As a junior Holman averaged 10.9 points per game, and 9.5 points as a senior. The fact that he did not have more production in college, especially in his last two seasons, is concerning. With that said, his draft stock is based on his potential considering that he only played 23 and 24 minutes per game in his final two seasons. Injuries have been an issue forcing him to miss time, which will be a point of emphasis when teams are accessing his pro potential. Due to the fact that he will mainly be used in the stretch four role playing on the outside it will not be substantially important, but he needs to add some stretch to be able to deal with playing inside at the next level. Defensively he projects well, and has the potential to be a strong shot blocker, however he can be pushed around by a stronger player. His rebounding numbers were impressive given he barely played over 20 minutes per game, averaging over 6 rebounds per game in his last 3 seasons. 

This play shows how his length can protect the rim:

Here is a look at him facing up and hitting a jump shot:

Holman is considered a second round pick, most likely ending up in the back half of the round, but there is a chance that he goes undrafted. The fact that he did not put up big numbers will lead to concerns causing some teams to pass, but his size and skill have NBA teams intrigued. His ceiling as a professional is a player than can block shots protecting the rim and put up solid numbers shooting from the outside, most likely coming off of the bench. The worst case scenario for Holman would be that he is unable to find a spot in the league and ends up playing in the G League or overseas. 

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