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Justin Wright-Foreman Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Justin Wright-Foreman

Senior 6’2″ 190 Point Guard Hofstra 21 Yrs. Old
27.1 ppg 4.0 rpg 2.9 apg FG: 51.1% 3PT: 42.5%

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Recruiting profile

NBA comparison: Brandon Knight/Mike Conley

Strengths: Shot creation, Outside shooting, Quickness/speed

Weaknesses: Distributing to teammates, Lack of competition

A combo guard by nature, Justin Wright-Foreman was a scoring machine in his last two seasons at Hofstra. His improvement from an unranked recruit out of high school and a freshman that averaged 4 minutes per game, to 18 points in 28 minutes of action as a sophomore was impressive. While averaging almost 20 points per game in college is nothing to overlook, Wright-Foreman continued to grow as a player and became an all around scorer that averaged 24.4 points, and 27.1 points per game in his junior and senior year. In addition to the points per game he went from a 23% three point shooter to 42.5% as a senior taking 7.4 attempts per contest. Improvement like that year by year is not seen often, but it is symbolism of his work ethic and his drive to perfect his craft. He can shoot it off of a screen, or create his own shot off the dribble, always making him a threat to knock down a jumper. Despite only being 6’2″, he has the ability to score inside and draw fouls using his quickness and ball handling skills to get by the initial defender. Pump fakes, crossovers, and step backs are all apart of his game which should provide him plenty of open looks as he attempts to impress teams before the draft, and in the summer league. His athleticism is solid, with the ability to dunk the ball and finish at the rim to go with his speed/quickness. 

Defensively he averaged less than a steal per game, something that teams will want to see him improve on, and he has the skill set to do so. His 6’2″ height could cause some issues with bigger guards, but has the quickness to stay with some of the better athletes at the position in the league.  If he is going to be a long term NBA player, he will need to improve on his point guard skills, which he has only shown flashes of up to this point averaging 2.9 assists per game as a senior. Some of that low statistical average can be attributed to the lack of talent at Hofstra, and the fact that he has been used as a scorer his entire basketball life. Once he is playing professionally those numbers should improve as the talent around him will be more capable. The lack of high major teams that he was able to face at Hofstra makes it hard to evaluate how he will perform against top level competition, although we do have a small sample size to do so. He scored 20 points against Clemson going 4 for 9 from deep, 16 points on against Auburn on a bad shooting night, and 29 points against Villanova while shooting 3 for 9 on three pointers in his junior season. As a senior he scored 27 against Maryland shooting 9 for 18 from the floor, and 29 against NC State in the NIT tournament. 

This play shows his ability to create a shot off the dribble and knock down a three pointer:

This clip gives you an idea of how he can attack the basket and finish at 6’2″:

Wright-Foreman is currently projected as a second round pick. If a team falls in love with him in the pre-draft process, he could go in the first half of the second round, but he is not expected to go undrafted. To stick in the league he will need to improve his point guard skills, much like Stephen Curry was asked to do. Should he do so, Wright-Foreman can play at the professional level whether that is in the NBA, overseas, or in the G League. His ceiling would be a starter level point guard, who can score the ball in bunches with efficiency. His floor would be that he never develops past being a scorer, and he comes off the bench in a back up guard role, as a player who can come in the game and put up points. It would be surprising if he was not on a roster next season, although he could be picked up and then assigned to the G League. 

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