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Jessie Govan Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Jessie Govan

Senior 6’10” 255 Center Georgetown 21 Yrs. Old
17.5 ppg 7.5 rpg 1.2 bpg FG: 49.6 % 3 PT: 41.2%

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Recruiting Profile

Wingspan: 7’3″

NBA Comparison: Kyle O’Quinn/Nene Hilario

Strengths: Shooting ability, Rebounding, Inside scoring

Weaknesses: Lateral quickness, Athleticism

Govan was a 4 star recruit who had a somewhat quiet freshman season averaging 6.8 points and 4.1 rebounds in 17 minutes per game. He then worked on his body and overall game while receiving a small bump in minutes to 21, and improving his points to over 10 per game. During this time his primary offensive role was playing down low, and getting put backs, although he showed he could occasionally hit the outside shot. He showed off an impressive improvement between his sophomore and junior seasons in production to almost 18 points per game, but also continuing to show his potential with his jumper. Given more of a green light, to go with more confidence in his abilities, during Govan’s senior season he began taking and making more three pointers for the third consecutive season. It is actually a bit of a wonder why Georgetown did not have him taking more outside shots considering he shot 41.2% this season from behind the arc, which was the first season he attempted more than 2 per game. One thing that will be important going forward for the center will be utilizing his quick release on his jump shot, as he gets a shot off much quicker than the average big man. Shooting over 40% on 3.5 attempts per game as a 6’10” center will get the attention of scouts, and Govan improved his stock each season at Georgetown. On the block he is solid, with an array of moves that allow him to use his skill set to finish in a variety of ways including fade-away jumpers, up and under lay in’s, and quick hook shots. He rebounds at a high level, but his numbers were down by almost 3 rebounds per game from his junior to his senior season, which is a bit of a concern.  

Athletically is where the question marks start to come up with Govan. His end to end speed and lateral quickness leave something to be desired, and the ability to get it vertically is not something that he excels at. There are plenty of players who are not elite athletes by NBA standards who are able to find their way on a roster because of their skill set, and if Govan is to make it in the league, he would fall into that category. The fact that you are not going to be one of the best athletes at your position in the NBA does not mean you are not a good athlete, for a 6’10” 255 pound center, Govan’s mobility is good enough when you take into account his offensive abilities. Defensively, he can block shots due to his 7’3″ wingspan, but going up against a more vertically dominant center can cause his some problems. 

 This play shows his ability to quickly get his shot off and knock down a three pointer:

This clip shows is how athleticism, which is not elite, but more than adequate for a big man that can shoot and play inside:

Govan is currently projected to go in the late second round to undrafted. His overall improvement and being a more willing shooter to go with his already polished inside game, should entice some team to take a chance he can stick in the league whether it is through the draft or the summer league. His ceiling is a back up big man that could possibly start given the right situation, but either way would provide offense and stretching the floor with his jump shot. His worst case scenario would be that his lack of quickness and athleticism prevent him from getting minutes or making a roster, and he spends time in the G league or overseas. 

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