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Fletcher Magee Draft Profile

Breaking down the NBA potential of Fletcher Magee

Senior 6’4″ 200 Shooting Guard Wofford 22 Yrs. Old
20.3 ppg 2.5 rpg 1.6 apg FG: 43.9% 3PT: 41.9%

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Recruiting Profile

NBA Comparison: Jodie Meeks/JJ Redick

Strengths: Outside shooting, Movement without the ball, Free throw shooting

Weaknesses: Athleticism, Setting up teammates, Defense

Magee is a knock down shooter who has averaged 14, 18, 22, and 20 points per game in his four seasons at Wofford while being named the Southern Conference player of the year back to back seasons. He is most comfortable coming off of screens and getting his shot up quickly, but he did show he can create a shot at times when necessary. The JJ Redick comparison will definitely get thrown around as we get closer to the draft, but Redick was putting up up numbers against ACC competition so it is much harder to project Magee’s professional potential. It should be noted that Magee has had games of 24 against Seton Hall, 24 against Mississippi State, and 19 against Oklahoma which are all NCAA tournament teams. However, he struggled against Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, and South Carolina. 

Not being a great athlete will limit his ability somewhat, however his athleticism is not in a category that would prevent him from being a productive scorer. He is crafty in getting open leading to solid looks, which Magee took advantage of averaging over 40% from deep in every season of his college career. If he was a few inches taller, there would be no doubt of his potential at the next level, and being 6’4″ playing the shooting guard position can be a disadvantage without great athleticism. With that said, Magee is being scouted for his ability to shoot the basketball, and the other facets of his game our a secondary thought if you are considering drafting the senior. He is a lock at the free throw line, with a career percentage of over 90%, which he needs to take advantage of more by attempting to get to the basket picking up foul calls.

His ability to defend on the pro level is a huge question mark, and something that will be hard for him to improve enough to be considered a solid defender, but just being an average defender will be tolerated with his offensive skills. Unfortunately for Magee the last time we saw him in college was his off night in Wofford’s loss against Kentucky, where he went 0-12 on three point attempts.  He should be evaluated based on his entire body of work as a college player, but it raises questions about how his game translates to the pro level when he struggled with Kentucky’s size on the perimeter, which every team in the NBA has. Despite that game, Magee has shown he is an elite shooter, and the NBA wants elite shooters. 

This clip shows how he can break away from a defender, and quickly get his shot off:

This play gives you an idea of his ability to create a shot against future pro Tyler Herro:

Currently Magee is projected to be a second round pick, and as with any second round prospect he runs the risk of not being drafted. With his ability to shoot the ball, his name will certainly be in consideration if a team is looking for a proven scorer who can hopefully give their offense a boost. His ceiling would be a player that comes off the bench and when his shot is on, he can score points effecting the momentum of a game. The worst case scenario would be that he struggles with the size and athleticism at the NBA level, and does not stick on a roster, ultimately ending up playing his professional years overseas. 

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