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Reese’s All Star Game Recap

Recapping the Reese’s college all star game

Every year 20 seniors whose teams will not play in the final four, are selected to compete in an all star game played on the same floor as the last two games in college basketball. While you might not see a lot of future draft picks in the game, given the emphasis that is put on drafting young players in the modern NBA era, there are plenty of players with talent that could one day make an NBA roster. Lets take a look at how some of the draft prospects in the game performed:

Chris Clemons– The 5’9″ scoring machine did what he usually does, score more points than anyone else on the floor, which led to him being named Co-MVP of the game. The Campbell Camel scored 25 points in 22 minutes, shooting 10 for 16 from the field, going 8 for 8 on 2 point attempts. Everyone who watches college basketball on a regular basis knows he can fill it up from deep, but he showed off some of his athleticism on these three plays:

James Palmer Jr. scored 21 points while going 1 for 4 on three pointers and 8 for 14 from the field. Without possessing NBA level lateral quickness/athleticism, he will need to score at a high level to make a roster after the pre-draft process and the summer league.

B.J. Stith scored ten points but struggled going 2 for 7 on three pointers. Another player that can create his own shot and put up points in a hurry, he should be on a summer league roster looking to play his way on to a team.

Matt Morgan finished with 15 points on 3-6 shooting from deep, and 5-8 from the field. His ability to get to the basket and knock down open shots has him in second round consideration, despite coming out of the IVY league.

Jessie Govan had 11 points and 4 rebounds while also making 2 three pointers. At 6’10” 255 he will not be blowing by anyone on his way to the basket, but his ability to play in the post and also step outside to hit spot up jumpers is made for the pro game, giving him an outside shot to make a roster.

Shizz Alston Jr. went 4 for 9 on three pointers, the only shots he attempted were from behind the arc, finishing with 14 points. Standing at 6’4″, he has good size for a point guard, and his ability to shoot as well as getting to the basket allowed him to average almost 20 per game as a senior.

• It is not often that a player comes off the bench as a senior, but is still seen as a player that can be a pro, but that would be the case with Nick Perkins. He can shoot the outside shot, and use his 6’8″ 250 frame to do damage getting to the basket. Perkins had a quiet night scoring 6 points to go with 3 rebounds. Not a likely NBA candidate, but he will be a pro somewhere.

Corey Davis Jr. did what Corey Davis Jr. usually does, score using his ability to knock down jump shots. He finished with 15 points on 5-12 shooting, all from behind the arc. His size at 6’1″ will limit him going forward, but he should get a summer league invitation.

Cameron Young struggled in his last college showcase, not scoring on the night going 0-6 from the field and 0-4 on three point attempts. It is an all star game, which should always be taken with a grain of salt as far as evaluating players, but Young is an elite scorer that could make a roster if he impresses enough in the next 5 months.

• At just 6’6″ and not being a great outside shooter, Jordan Murphy is most likely looking at the G league or overseas for his professional future, but there is no doubt he can play. Murphy scored 13 points and 13 rebounds in 22 minutes in front of the hometown Minnesota crowd.

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