2000-2009 Re-Draft

Re-drafting the top five picks from every draft between 2000 and 2009

This decade of draft picks was an interesting time period to be an NBA executive. There definitely was stars to be had, but it was not always in the top five picks. Curry, James, and Harden just to name a few who realized their NBA dreams during this time period. We re-drafted the top five picks from every between 2000 and 2009, based off of individual success and impact on a franchise. Team needs were somewhat taken into account, but were not a major factor.

Original draft position in parenthesis


  1. Nets-Jamal Crawford (8) Crawford never made an all star team, but he has been a solid scorer for a very long time by NBA standards. He has won the Sixth Man of The Year award 3 times, and has averaged over 17 points per game in 8 seasons of his career.
  2. Grizzlies-Michael Redd (43)
  3. Clippers-Hedo Turkoglu (16)
  4. Bulls-Kenyon Martin (1)
  5. Magic-Mike Miller (5)


  1. Wizards-Tony Parker (28) When the Spurs took Parker in 2001, it was seen as a flyer of sorts, as the international prospect value was always in question. The prize for the Spurs resulted in 4 titles, 6 all star selections, and 1 Finals MVP. A no doubt Hall of Fame member in the future.
  2. Clippers-Pau Gasol (3)
  3. Hawks-Zach Randolph (19)
  4. Bulls-Joe Johnson (10)
  5. Warriors-Jason Richardson (5)


  1. Rockets-Amare Stoudemire (9) This pick is mainly due to the fact that Yao Ming could not stay healthy enough to sustain a long career in the NBA. Stoudemire himself was not the most healthy of players, but he was a dynamic player in Phoenix being selected to the all star team five years out of his six selections.
  2. Bulls-Yao Ming (1)
  3. Warriors-Caron Butler (10)
  4. Grizzlies-Carlos Boozer (35)
  5. Nuggets-Tayshaun Prince (23)


  1. Cavaliers-Lebron James (1) The player that many consider the second greatest player of all time, while he is still playing, he was a no doubt pick coming out of high school. James is a 14 time all star, 4 time MVP, 3 time Finals MVP, and has won 3 championships.
  2. Pistons-Dwayne Wade (5)
  3. Nuggets-Carmelo Anthony (3)
  4. Raptors-Chris Bosh (4)
  5. Heat-David West (18)


  1. Magic-Dwight Howard (1) Another high school prospect, Howard was seen as the big man that a team could build around. He has had success in career, leading the Magic to the NBA Finals, but a toxic personality and injuries have caused problems. He is an 8 time all star, led the league in rebounding 5 times, as well as leading the league in blocks two times.
  2. Bobcats-Luol Deng (7)
  3. Bulls-Andre Iguodala (9)
  4. Clippers-Al Jefferson (15)
  5. Wizards-Devin Harris (5)


  1. Bucks-Chris Paul (4) One of the best floor generals to the ever play, he is also considered on the best on ball defenders in the league. He is still looking for his first championship to go with his 8 all star selections, and leading the NBA in steals 6 times.
  2. Hawks-Deron Williams (3)
  3. Jazz-Danny Granger (17)
  4. Hornets-David Lee (30)
  5. Bobcats-Raymond Felton (5)


  1. Raptors-Lamarcus Aldridge (2) Aldridge has been a quiet star in the league for over 10 years averaging 19.4 points and 8.3 rebounds over his career. His teams have not had much playoff success, but he has been selected to 6 all star teams.
  2. Bulls-Rajon Rondo (21)
  3. Bobcats-Kyle Lowry (24)
  4. Trailblazers-Paul Millsap (47)
  5. Hawks-Rudy Gay (8)


  1. Trailblazers-Kevin Durant (2) Another draft that will forever haunt the Trailblazers. What is now seen as a no brainier pick in Durant, Greg Oden was a formidable prospect. Durant has 2 titles, been selected to 9 all star games, and an MVP award while averaging 27 points over his career which is far from over.
  2. Supersonics-Al Horford (3)
  3. Hawks-Marc Gasol (48)
  4. Grizzlies-Mike Conley Jr. (4)
  5. Celtics-Jeff Green (5)


  1. Bulls-Russell Westbrook (4) Arguably the best athlete in the league, Westbrook had major question marks coming out of UCLA. He was not yet a true point guard, and had not showed the ability to shoot. Westbrook has one MVP award, has been an all star 7 times, and averaged a triple double in 2 seasons definitely answering the questions.
  2. Heat-Kevin Love (5)
  3. Timberwolves-Deandre Jordan (35)
  4. Supersonics-Derrick Rose (1)
  5. Grizzlies-Goran Dragic (45)


  1. Clippers-Stephen Curry (7) It is hard to believe that teams passed on what turned out to be Curry and Harden. The best shooter to play in the NBA has shown that he should have been the #1 overall pick. He has already been an MVP two times, and won 3 championships while leading the league in scoring in 15′-16′.
  2. Grizzlies-James Harden (3)
  3. Thunder-Blake Griffin (1)
  4. Kings-Demar Derozan (9)
  5. Timberwolves-Jrue Holiday (17)

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