Best Undrafted Players

Breaking down the best undrafted signings in NBA history

It is rare for an undrafted player to become an all star, but every so often a team gets a steal that no one saw coming. We looked over every undrafted player since 1988 and ranked them. These are truly the best steals of any given draft class when you consider no team considered them worthy of a second round pick.

  1. Ben Wallace (Bullets) Career Stats: 5.7 Points/9.6 Rebounds/1.3 Assists/1.3 Steals/2 Blocks Accomplishments: 1 Championship, 4 time Defensive Player Of The Year, 4 time all star selection, led the league in blocks in 02′, No. 3 retired by Pistons
  2. Bruce Bowen (Heat) Career Stats: 6.1 Points/2.8 Rebounds/1.2 Assists/0.8 Steals Accomplishments: 3 time NBA champion, 5 time All NBA Defensive 1st team, 3 time All-NBA Defensive second team, No.12 retired by Spurs
  3. John Starks (Warriors)                                                                                    Career Stats: 12.5 Points/2.5 Rebounds/3.6 Assists/1.1 Steals Accomplishments: 1 time all star selection, Sixth Man of The Year award, All NBA Defensive second team selection
  4. Avery Johnson (Supersonics)                                                                          Career Stats: 8.4 Points/1.5 Rebounds/5.5 Assists/1 Steal Accomplishments: 1 championship, No.6 Retired in San Antonio
  5. Brad Miller (Hornets) Career Stats: 11.2 Points/7.1 Rebounds/2.8 Assists/0.7 Blocks Accomplishments: 2 time all star selection
  6. David Wesley (Nets) Career Stats: 12.5 Points/2.5 Rebounds/4.4. Assists/1.3 Steals
  7. Darrell Armstrong (Magic) Career Stats: 9.2 Points/2.7 Rebounds/4 Assists/1.3 Steals Accomplishments: 98′-99′ Most Improved Player award,98′-99′ Sixth Man of The Year award
  8. Raja Bell (76ers) Career Stats: 9.9 Points/2.8 Rebounds/1.7 Assists/0.7 Steals Accomplishments: 2007 All NBA Defensive first team, 2008 All NBA Defensive second team
  9. Wesley Matthews (Jazz) Career Stats: 13.8 Points/3.1 Rebounds/2.2 Assists/1.1 Steals
  10. Jeremy Lin (Warriors) Career Stats: 11.9 Points/2.8 Rebounds/4.4. Assists/1.1 Steals

Other Notable Undrafted Free Agents:

  1. Mike James (Heat)
  2. Udonis Haslem (Heat)
  3. Kent Bazemore (Warriors)
  4. JJ Barea (Mavericks)
  5. Jose Calderon (Raptors)

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