1980’s Re-Draft

Re-drafting the top five picks from each draft in the 1980’s

A decade that saw one of the greatest drafts of all of time in 1984, and also produced the best player in the game’s history, the players picked in the 1980’s led way to the unprecedented financial opportunities future players would have . We re-drafted the top five picks of each draft in the 80’s. Team needs were not a major factor, but more of a players overall success in their career.

Original draft position in parenthesis


  1. Warriors-Kevin Mchale (3) The longtime Celtic won 3 championships, was selected to 7 all star games, and is a member of the Hall of Fame. He was a major factor on a team that is considered one of the greatest all of all time.
  2. Jazz-Kiki VanDeWeghe (11)
  3. Celtics-Joe Barry Carroll (1)
  4. Bulls-Andrew Toney (8)
  5. Nuggets-Jeff Ruland (25)


  1. Mavericks-Isiah Thomas (2) Thomas won 2 championships in Detriot in 13 seasons while being selected to the all star team 12 times. He was a Finals MVP and averaged over 20 points and 10 assists per game 4 times which led to his induction into the Hall of Fame.
  2. Pistons-Mark Aguirre (1)
  3. Nets-Tom Chambers (8)
  4. Hawks-Larry Nance (20)
  5. Supersonics-Rolando Blackman (9)


  1. Lakers-Dominique Wilkins (3) One of the most athletic players to ever play, he was also a prolific scorer averaging over 20 points per game in 12 different seasons, as well as over 30 points per game twice. He was a 9 time all star and is a member of the Hall of Fame.
  2. Clippers-James Worthy (1)
  3. Jazz-Terry Cummings (2)
  4. Mavericks-Fat Lever (11)
  5. Kings-Ricky Pierce (18)


  1. Rockets-Clyde Drexler (14) A 2004 inductee to the Hall of Fame, he won 1 Championship and was selected to 10 all star games. As a rim attacking high flyer, Drexler averaged over 20 points per game in his 15 year career.
  2. Pacers-Jeff Malone (10)
  3. Rockets-Dale Ellis (9)
  4. Clippers-Ralph Sampson (1)
  5. Bulls-Byron Scott (4)


  1. Rockets-Michael Jordan (3) The GOAT. 14 time all star, 6 championships, 6 Finals MVP’s, 5 time NBA MVP. Arguably the greatest draft steal of all time to get Jordan at #3 overall.
  2. Trailblazers-Hakeem Olajuwon (1)
  3. Bulls-Charles Barkley (5)
  4. Mavericks-John Stockton (16)
  5. 76ers-Kevin Willis (11)


  1. Knicks-Karl Malone (13) Malone and Ewing both had great careers that mainly consisted that got lost in the shadow of playing at the same time as Michael Jordan and the Bulls. Malone finished 2nd on the all time scoring list, with 14 all star selections, and 2 NBA MVP awards to make getting him into the Hall of Fame.
  2. Pacers-Patrick Ewing (1)
  3. Clippers-Chris Mullin (7)
  4. Supersonics-Joe Dumars (18)
  5. Hawks-Charles Oakley (9)


  1. Cavaliers-Dennis Rodman (27) Becoming a player that would be inducted into the Hall of Fame is not what many imagined when Rodman was drafted. The defensive and rebounding machine only averaged over 10 points per game 1 time, but you get a pass when you have 8 seasons averaging over 14 rebounds per game.
  2. Celtics-Brad Daugherty (1)
  3. Warriors-Ron Harper (8)
  4. Pacers-Chuck Person (4)
  5. Knicks-Mark Price (25)


  1. Spurs-David Robinson (1) The Navy product won 2 championships with the Spurs, won an MVP award, and and led the NBA in scoring in 1993-1994. A Hall of Fame member, Robinson averaged over 21 points and 10 rebounds per game for his career.
  2. Suns-Reggie Miller (11)
  3. Nets-Scottie Pippen (5)
  4. Clippers-Kevin Johnson (7)
  5. Sonics-Mark Jackson (18)


  1. Clippers-Mitch Richmond (5) Richmond is a forgotten player at times when fans discuss the best players in the games history. He was selected to 6 all star games, won a championship late in his career with the Lakers, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014.
  2. Pacers-Danny Manning (1)
  3. 76ers-Hershey Hawkins (6)
  4. Nets-Dan Majerle (14)
  5. Warriors-Rik Smits (2)


  1. Kings-Shawn Kemp (17) The Supersonics never won a championship in his time with the franchise, but that could be said of most teams that played in the Jordan era. Kemp was a 6 time all star selection, while alongside Gary Payton, led the Supersonics to NBA Finals and 64 wins in 1995-1996.
  2. Clippers-Tim Hardaway (14)
  3. Spurs-Glen Rice (4)
  4. Heat-Sean Elliot (3)
  5. Hornets-Mookie Blaylock (12)

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