Best Draft Steals Since 1984

Breaking down the 2nd round picks since 1984 that have become All Stars

Nothing looks better on the resume of an NBA executive than drafting someone in the second round that turns into an all star. Since 1984, 21 players taken in the second round (The number of picks has changed over the years) have gone on to be selected to at least one all star game. We ranked them based on statistics, overall impact on a franchise, and what position in the draft they were selected.

Dennis Rodman-27th pick Round 2 (Pistons)

All Star Appearances-2 Seasons-14

Championships-5 Career Stats-7.3 Points/13.1 Rebounds/1.8 Assists

A member of what many consider to be the best team of all time in the 1996 Chicago Bulls, Rodman was a rebounding machine. He led the league in rebounds 7 years out of his 14 years on the hardwood. Standing at 6’7″ there is no logical reason that he should of led the league for 50% of the time he was apart of it, but his game defies sports logic. This one is a bit of a stretch given he was taken with the 27th pick, but that was a 2nd round pick in 1986.

Manu Ginobili-Round 2 Pick 57 (Spurs)

All Star Appearances-2 Seasons-16

Championships-4 Career Stats-13.3 Points/2.2 Rebounds/2.5 Assists

Ginobili is the type of player that cannot be fully analyzed by individual statistics. While he was an effective scorer in his prime, he also fit in especially well as a role player in the 2nd half of his career. Anytime you can draft a player with 4 championships, and a sixth man of the year with the 57th pick, it should be seen as a huge win.

Isaiah Thomas-Round 2 Pick 60 (Kings)

All Star Appearances-2 Seasons-7

Career Stats-18.9 Points/2.6 Rebounds/5.1 Assist/0.9 Steals

When the Kings selected Thomas with the last pick in the draft, there was no doubt that he could play, the only issue was the fact Thomas is only 5’9″. When you couple that with the fact that he isn’t a true point guard, and more of a scorer, it easily led teams to question if he could produce on the NBA level. Since being drafted, he has answered those concerns, and then some. Although it was the Celtics, and not the Kings who benefited from his best season so far, he was an absolute steal at 60.

Draymond Green-Round 2 Pick 35 (Warriors)

All Star Appearances-3 Seasons 7


Career Stats-9.2 Points/6.9 Rebounds/4.7 Assists/1.4 Steals/1.1 Blocks

Much like Rodman, Green’s career which is far from over, cannot be summed up through looking at stats. He possesses elite defensive skills, and adds a toughness that the Warriors can lack at times. These same traits get him in trouble at times, but all in all, drafting Green with the 35th pick was a big piece to the puzzle that has been the dominating Warriors.

Marc Gasol-Round 2 Pick 48 (Lakers)

All Star Appearances-3 Seasons-11

Career Stats-15.2 Points/7.7 Rebounds/3.4 Assists/1.5 Blocks

The Lakers drafted Gasol in 2008 as a stash and wait kind of selection. He was the brother of the Grizzlies best player, and had game himself. These types of picks are always interesting because the team knows going into it the player will remain oversees for at least another year. In this case, drafting Marc allowed the Lakers to trade for his brother Pau, where he joined Kobe Bryant to win 2 rings. The younger Gasol has gone on to be a solid player, never averaging less than 30 minutes a game for a Grizzlies team that has had regular season success.

Gilbert Arenas-Round 2 Pick 31 (Warriors)

All Star Appearances-3 Seasons-11

Career Stats-20.7 Points/3.9 Rebounds/5.3 Assists/1.6 Steals

Arenas had one of the strangest careers in NBA history. Originally drafted by the Warriors he showed early that he was on his way to being a mainstay in the league. Always a strange personality, he supposedly chose playing for the Wizards in free agency by flipping a coin. He enjoyed great success in Washington with 3 straight all star appearances. Ultimately, his off the court issues led to the Wizards trading him to the Magic for Rashard Lewis. He was never able to play at an elite level with the Magic or the Grizzlies, and quickly was out of the league.

Deandre Jordan-Round 2 Pick 35 (Clippers)

All Star Appearances-1 Seasons-11

Career Stats-9.5 Points/10.8 Rebounds/1.7 Blocks

Coming out of Texas A&M, Jordan had been a 5 star recruit who did not live up to the hype but left school despite his draft stock not being high. The gamble paid off, and he has led the NBA in rebounding 2 seasons and made 2 first team All-NBA defensive teams. He was a good value pick at 35 for the Clippers and was the starting center for 10 years before signing with Dallas in the off-season.

Michael Redd-Round 2 Pick 43 (Bucks)

All Star Appearances-1 Seasons-12

Career Stats-19 Points/3.8 Rebounds/2.1 Assists

Milwaukee has not had very much success in the draft over the last fifteen years, but Redd was definitely not a part of the problem. He was derailed by injuries, but whenever healthy, he was a high level scorer. The Bucks did not have much success in his time with the team, however Redd was a great pick at 43.

Paul Millsap-Round 2 Pick 47 (Jazz)

All Star Appearances-4 Seasons-14

Career Stats-14.2 Points/7.4 Rebounds/2.3 Assists/1 Block

Millsap was overlooked partly for being undersized for his skill set, not possessing elite athleticism, and playing for a small Louisiana Tech coming out of college. While those concerns are perfectly understandable, he is a perfect example of how scouts can easily miss someone that has the ability to contribute at a high level for a competitive NBA team.

Rashard Lewis-Round 2 Pick 32 (Supersonics)

All Star Appearances-2 Seasons-16

Championships-1 Career Stats-14.9 Points/5.2 Rebounds/1.7 Assists/1.1 Steals

The Sonics hit a home run with drafting Lewis at 32 in 1998 straight out of high school. Very few of the high school picks from that time period panned out, but Lewis was in that category. He was an effective scorer for the Sonics, before signing a large free agency contract to head to Orlando, but did play 9 seasons in Seattle. Playing 16 years in the NBA for a second round pick is defying the odds in a big way.

The additional 2nd round picks that became all stars:

Carlos Boozer-Round 2 Pick 35

Cliff Robinson-Round 2 Pick 36

Nick Van Exel-Round 2 Pick 37

Goran Dragic-Round 2 Pick 45

Kyle Korver-Round 2 Pick 51

Mo Williams-Round 2 Pick 47

Antonio Davis-Round 2 Pick 45

Jeff Hornacek-Round 2 46th Pick

Dino Rada-Round 2 40th Pick

Mehmet Okur-Round 2 Pick 38

Cedric Ceballos-Round 2 Pick 48

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